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Today's Message

The Cornerstone Foundation is a nonprofit, tax exempt, parachurch organization which exists to support, develop, and encourage the work of worldwide Christian Ministry.


Our Purpose

Cornerstone exists for the express purpose of conveying the meaning and hope that is in the Greatest Story Ever Told. Click here to listen to a presentation of that story.

The story reflects the heart and purpose of the Cornerstone Foundation. Thank you for the consideration of your time.

Why Cornerstone?

The concept of the “Cornerstone” is taken from various passages of Holy Scripture which describe Jesus Christ as the “Cornerstone” of the church and Christian Ministries. ( Eph 2:20, I Peter 2:6, Isa 28:16, Zec 10:4 ) With Christ we have great confidence in direction in a world characterized by confusion, misdirection, and hopelessness.

We help the poor and needy through medical projects such as Operation Siloam.

We offer a counseling program, Shepherd of the Broken Staff, which provides support for professional ministers who are going through a broken world experience.

We operate a Grace Restoration Project for accountability and spiritual discipline for the restoration of leaders. Please look at our offer, consider contacting us for more information, and please become a partner.