Confidence in Direction

The Cornerstone Foundation, Inc. was founded in 1992 for the publication and dissemination of Christian literature. The Cornerstone Foundation had its beginnings in the Cornerstone Life Action Series, which originated in the early 1980s under the direction of Dr. Harold Schmul, along with Leonard Sankey and Eddie Beaver. The Cornerstone Life Action series and Cornerstone, the Magazine for youth, circulated for several years until the organization gained the confidence to answer a new calling.
The direction of Cornerstone evolved from a publications company to a nonprofit organization dedicated to meet the expressed needs of the church community. Ever since the Cornerstone Foundation has developed restorative ministries and missions programs that focus on the development of Christian leaders.

Special recognition should be given to the following individuals who greatly influenced the publication seeds of Cornerstone Foundation:

National religious leader, Dr. Harold Schmul, deceased
National religious leader, Dr. Leonard Sankey
Well-known teaching pastor, Dr. Dale Shillington
Gifted Publisher and Graphic Designer, Mr. Curtis Hale
Christian Education leader Dr. Kenneth Powell, deceased
Christian Education leader Dr. John I. Page, deceased