Introduction to the Work of Accountability and Spiritual Discipline

My Dear friends,

In this section of the web site , you can find the contract used by The Cornerstone Foundation, Shepherd of the Broken staff, a Grace restoration project, and it is available to all who will to begin the Accountably journey. My personal journey out of a broken world experience has been one which has struggled to find established spiritual disciplines and accountably standards to be a hedge of thorns around me and still there are no guarantees.

Our foe is great! Paul tells us to “watch your life and doctrine closely. Persevere in them, because if you do, you will save yourself and your hearers” (1 Tim 4:16) The AV may be more memorable, “Take heed to yourself…” The Greek structure has power to clarify the point. The verb “watch” is an imperative, present active with an intensified construction meaning we have a command to continually watch carefully and without ceasing over ourselves as well as the doctrine ”once and for all delivered to the saints”. (Jude 3 also see Acts 20:28)

Recent studies as to the performances of the Ministry in the above regard are both shocking and appalling! We are in trouble! It is time for us all to confess our sins and enter an old fashioned class meeting with one another. If this is preventive for you, I salute you! Thank God some have found the way of accountability and though the Spirit filled life have “cleansed themselves from all filthiness of the flesh perfecting holiness in the fear of God” We all must seek deeply and humbly to achieve and celebrate this level of spiritual discipline and victory.

Would you down load the attached documents and consider entering the crucible with another brother or two and find a freedom that many never find.

I now am in my eleventh year of accountably and still struggle with opening myself completely to another. Yet, I know I was at one time a public success and yet a private failure because I didn’t have it. I must do this to please God and honor His Christ.

The Shepherd of the broken staff is here for you if you need to discuss any aspect of these concepts. We have many members and we never break confidentiality. Call me at 864.561.0200 or write me at The email is confidential as well.

Think about it!. Be Honest and do something that will bring a new power and freedom by the work of the Spirit !

Because of Grace Restoration,

Eddie Beaver
Executive Director, The Cornerstone Foundation